The Legacy Society

End-of-life planning presents opportunities for new beginnings and lasting legacies. Perhaps you spent your life committed to a cause you’d like to support after you’re gone. Maybe you’ve harbored a passion for helping people but haven’t been able to find the time or resources to make the contribution that’s in your heart. When you join our Legacy Society, your generosity impacts your community long beyond this lifetime.

The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies works with individuals and their wealth advisors to create permanent funding for whatever cause or causes you’d like to empower. We will collaborate with you to create a fund, grow it through investment, and ensure your charitable intent is honored forever. The fund can match any charitable purpose you can imagine.

The Foundation grants millions of dollars each year to local charities to support and enrich their important work. We do it through gifts received from donors like you, and we’ve been doing it for more than 25 years.

Permanently Restricted Endowments

When you think of what you value in our community, certain assets and organizations come to mind. One way to protect those assets is to grow a permanently restricted endowment specifically for its benefit through a fund at the CFA. Donations to this fund are invested permanently and the interest earned from these investments is restricted to the exclusive support of the organization that you love. Forever.

By growing a restricted endowment to the point where it can provide for at least 30% of the organization’s operating budget, you can help to ensure that organization will be a major part of our community forever. What a legacy that will be!

Please reach out to Donor and Development Services Officer Katrina Perkosky to learn more, or to get started: / (814) 208-8411.

We’re grateful for all of our Legacy Society members. Here’s a complete list:

♥*Robert A. Allen
♥*Walter C. Allen, Jr.
♥Anonymous (34)
♥*Ridley Banks
♥*Abe Beerman
♥*Beverly Berkebile
♥Beverly Berkstresser
♥Dr. Frank T. Carney * and Mrs. Kathryn Carney
♥George* and Eve Cook
♥*Jinnie Davis
♥*Jelorma K. DeMario
♥*Ann R. Deitle
♥Raymond P. DiBattista
♥George Dooley
♥*Michael Dorosh and *Mary Locke Dorosh
♥Edith M. Dressler
♥Terry Dunkle
♥*Charlotte Ellis
♥*Irene Panci Gladstone
♥*Dan Glosser
♥*William L. Glosser

♥Donald L. Green
♥George A. Griffith
♥H.C. “Joe” Harned
♥Bill and Doris Horner
♥The Juniper Foundation for Business Development and the Trades
♥Mike Kane and Elizabeth Mayer
♥Edith L. Keyser
♥Robert and Judith Koveleskie
♥Dorothy G. Kunkle
♥*Johanna M. LaBuda
♥Elmer and Barbara Laslo
♥Charles and Susan Levy
♥Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Scott Quinn Little
♥Sandra Mackel
♥*David R. Madigan
♥Rose Mardula
♥Dick and Connie Mayer
♥*William Mock
♥*Walter Morris
♥*Elizabeth H. Neff

♥*Margaret Ossola
♥*Ethel Otrosina
♥Mark Pasquerilla
♥*Dr. Harry M. Rhoads
♥Ray and Nancy Rizzo
♥Dorothy Robinson
♥David Roderick
♥Donna Jean Russian
♥Richard and Carol Sarlouis
♥*Sara Shahade
♥*Marlene J. Sipe
♥*Jane B. Slep
♥Carol D. Stern
♥Robin Strachan
♥Dr. Robert * and Caryl Swanson
♥John and Donna Venzon
♥James C.* and Shirley Wagner
♥Anna Marie Weinzierl
♥Jane Hauger Zeigler
♥*Walter Wood

* Legacies Remembered

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