The Community Initiatives Fund at Community Foundation for the Alleghenies creates a long-term, sustainable solution for improving our community for generations to come.

What will your legacy be?

You could transform tomorrow, starting today.

For the past few years, energized volunteers, forward-thinking organizations, and regional leaders have pushed to re-imagine the region’s future. They’ve mapped out strategies, such as Vision Together 2025 and the multi-county Alleghenies Ahead plan. They’ve built and activated teams of change-makers who’ve rolled up their sleeves and set out to improve their neighborhoods.

And it’s working. More and more people are recognizing the potential of the region’s people, places, culture, natural resources, and quality of life. Our moment is here, but it won’t last forever unless we make sure the ideas are realized and supported in a sustainable way. Those smart, informed strategies to steer our region toward a bright future will not happen without funding. That’s the critical need that our enhanced Community Initiatives Fund directly targets—creating a better tomorrow and a better forever. Immediate and near-term outcomes include:

  • Increasing the number and variety of businesses
  • Supporting entrepreneurship
  • Fighting blight
  • Beautifying and place-making
  • Creating job opportunities

For the long-term, this special initiative aims to decrease poverty and permanently boost our region’s employment, property values, and household incomes. That means you could help make our region a place our children will want to—and be able to—raise their families: a thriving, healthy economy with great jobs, strong communities, and unlimited potential. The beauty of working with us to design your legacy is that we can help you directly impact the outcomes that matter most to you. Let’s invent a better future together.

The opportunity of our lifetime is here now.
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