Community Perception Survey: Your Voice Matters

Over the past nine years, we’ve had the honor of being able to support local efforts to help re-imagine our community with more than $4 million from our Community Initiatives Fund. We’ve supported 178 projects so far, primarily focused on the economy and helping us create a sense of place and community—everything from razing blighted properties to building trails to funding broad-based grassroots efforts like Lift Johnstown and Vision Together 2025.

Now we need your help. To help us and our donors understand the impact of this funding, we’re taking a step many community foundations don’t. We’re surveying the community to see how far we’ve come, where we’ve made the greatest inroads, and how far we have to go as we continue to work together. Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey. Your responses will help shape and support our region’s future.

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